Hello everyone!

Another post about Paris, but this one is very sweet. Since France is known for its pastries, I tried a little bit of everything while I visited. Here are some tips on my favorite places for sweets in Paris.


Pierre Herme

I think coming to Paris and not eating a macaron might be considered a sin. There are so many “patisseries” selling all kinds of French goodies, that it’s hard to decide where to get the best.
A place that was highly recommended to me was “Pierre Hermé”, which has amazing macarons with seasonal flavors available. I ordered Madagascar vanilla, my favorite “Jardin Andalou” (which is olive oil, Mandarin orange and honey), the most famous which is passion fruit with chocolate, and a classic chocolate. 

Price: box with 4 macarons costs 10.50€.


L’éclair de Génie

Another classic Parisian pastry: Chocolate éclair. This one is from L’Éclair de Génie by Christopher Adam, considered one of the best in Paris.
The store is located in Saint-German des Prés. Other éclair flavors are available such as lemon, strawberry and caramel.



Laduree is a French “luxury bakery” created in 1862 offering delicious macarons and pastries. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to Paris to try it, they have shops around the world. Laduree is a direct competitor with Pierre Herme, but more expensive.

Price: 17€ for this little box.



Millefuille (thousand layers) is a Parisian classic that you’ll find in any patisserie in the city. This one is from Paul, a famous bakery in Paris where you’ll find many French delights.



Berthillon is an ice cream spot in Paris that was highly recommended to me. The most famous flavor is salted caramel, which I was dying to try since this is one of my favorite flavors of ice cream.
I can’t lie and say that I loved it, because it definitely wasn’t my favorite ice cream, but I expected a little more based on all the good reviews. Next time I’ll try a different flavor, but it was still worth a try.




This place is considered to have the most famous hot chocolate in Paris, but since Angelina is a patisserie, they have pastries available as well. I tried the “financier” a delicious vanilla pound cake.


I still have so many pastries that I wanted to try but didn’t have time to eat. Hopefully I’ll have more time next time. Let me know your favorite patisseries to add on my list. Remember to follow me on Instagram @eat_travel_andlove.