Hello everyone!

Maui was definitely my favorite Island in Hawaii. There are so many cool places to explore and also great restaurants. You can relax on one of the many beautiful beaches Maui offers, or go on an outdoor adventure such as hiking or kayaking.

The Road to Hana is one of the most famous things to do on the island.

Hana is the name of the highway that passes through many nature attractions such as beaches and waterfalls. It became famous around 2002, and is now considered the most famous “destination” in Maui.

There are many ways to go about your trip:

Group tours with a guide - Easiest if you don't drive or if you’re not an experience driver (some parts of the road can be very curvy / dangerous)

Rent a car and drive yourself - In this case, it is recommended to buy a guide via CD or download an app (Road to Hana app is the one we used). The app is pretty cool, it tells you all about the various stops as well as the history about the most important parts of the highway.

Keep in mind you will likely lose phone service at some point (so no Google Maps, etc.), but if you use the app it will continue without service.

The drive will take up the entire day with the various stops, but it is well worth it with the breathtaking views. I highly suggest if you rent a car to rent a convertible, you will be able to see everything way better and it’s also easier to take pictures.

Here are some of the most famous places we stopped at along the way:

Twin Falls: Not too impressive. It’s the first “attraction”, so you’ll see lots of cars parked in the front, but meh, it wasn’t worth the time in my opinion.

Garden of Eden: Considered one of the best gardens in Maui. It’s huge and has a variety of beautiful trees and flowers. Jurassic Park was filmed here. Paid attraction $15

Website: mauigardenofeden.com

Nahiku MarketPlace: Little “street market” with gift shops and snacks.

Halfway to Hana Stand: It’s the famous (and cute) sign where they sell delicious banana bread. (Actually, you’ll find banana bread everywhere along the way – make sure to stop and indulge!)

Wai'anapanapa State Park: Honestly, one of my favorite beaches with turquoise water and black sand. It’s absolutely beautiful. The water is cold and rough, so I didn’t go too far since I’m a horrible swimmer.

Hamoa Beach: Another beautiful beach along the way. It’s down a hill, which makes it a bit hidden from everything.

Koki Beach: Our last stop. Nice beach for surfers.


There were a lot more stops then just the above, but you won’t have time to see all so you have to pick and choose. We decided to drive back to the hotel, which took around 3 hours. We also continued around the island which is NOT advised. Many of the roads got damaged in previous storms so the roads are not good to drive on. You will only see mostly locals driving around very fast. There are some insane curves and hills, and it can be very scary. The light at the end of the tunnel are the views on this side of the island, which are so unbelievable. Look at the pictures and see what I’m talking about.

At some points I asked myself if it was real…


To summarize before you embark on this mesmerizing experience:


  • Rent a convertible car, it’s the best way to take pics along the way.
  • Download the Road to Hana app or buy a guide CD. As I said before, there’s no service after a certain point. 
  • Drive carefully and slow. Take an entire day to do the road and start super early.
  • There’s no point in rushing. There is a lot to see and at some points the road is dangerous and very narrow. Don’t forget that it’s a famous place and some points are crowded and will have some traffic. 
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks. There are not too many places to eat along the way (just snacks such as the banana bread and fruit stands). We didn’t bring much and we had to eat banana bread for the entire trip. It’s delicious, but at some point we wanted real food!
  • Sunscreen and bug spray. VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Portable chargers for cameras and phones. I’m sure you’ll take plenty of pictures.


This is the link for the app we downloaded: gypsyguide.com

I hope you enjoy this post, and if you’ve already been to Road to Hana, comment below and tell me about your favorite spot.