Hello everyone!

When I visited Amsterdam last year, I wanted to make my two days there as productive as possible without spending too much money. After researching online, we decided to purchase the I Amsterdam city card, and I’ll explain why this card worked out perfectly for us.


  • What is it?


The I Amsterdam City card is a daily pass for museums, attractions and public transportation that you can use either during your entire stay, or just for 24 hours (as we did). With this card, you’ll save a good amount of money.


  • How does it work?


You can purchase it online prior to your trip, and then pick it up at the central train station or at the airport (you can also have it shipped to you for a fee).  With this card, you don’t need to wait on lines to purchase tickets for museums for example - you just need to present it at the entrance (note: the Van Gogh museum requires a reservation time, which you can do it online or do it there). You can also use it for buses, some trains and canal boat tours.


  • What is included?


There are 124 attractions available with the card, including the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum (largest in Amsterdam) museums, a guided tour to Ajax Stadium, public transportation around the city and boat tours through the canals.


  • How much does it cost?


The I Amsterdam card has a progressive discount, so the more days you buy, the better discount you receive. The price starts at €59 for 24 hours.

My final advice about the card is: It’s worth it! Saving time on lines to buy tickets, not having to deal with printed tickets, and public transportation (including the canal tours) will be really helpful during your trip.  

Check out all the information and availability on the official website: www.iamsterdam.com

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