Hello everyone!

Recently I got to visit Hollywood Studios, one of the Disney World Parks in Orlando, Florida. Well, it’s no secret that I absolutely love Disney, so I was very excited about visiting Hollywood Studios. So what’s the difference between this park and the others? Hollywood Studios’ theme is movies, television, music & theater. The attractions were THE BEST in my opinion, and there are characters to meet all over the park. Also, if you like Star Wars, it’s the place to be. I’ll list my favorites and rate them below:


Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (10/10): The famous haunted elevator inspired by [PUT NAME]. The elevator falls from PUT NUMBER height in the dark, so you can imagine how scary it is. There are 20 different “types of falls”, so you’ll never know when it’s about to drop (as you can see from my face in the picture lol). The line is very long, since this is one of the most popular attractions in the park, so I recommend getting a FastPass, or get there very early.

Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith (10/10): Another famous attraction, and also the best roller coaster in the Disney parks, in my opinion. The entrance is fun, with a huge guitar and of course, Aerosmith songs. The ride is fast and dark, no crazy loops, but it’ll give you some adrenaline and messy hair for sure. 

Star Tours - The Adventures Continue (8/10): Star Tours is a 3D simulated space flight. It’s very fun and less “radical”. You’ll get to explore the galaxy far away that you’ve come to know and love in the Star Wars movie series.

Muppets Vision 3D (6/10): A 3D theater where the Muppet characters take you for a backstage tour. It’s definitely a child attraction, or a place to go when you’re tired and want to sit in the AC a little bit since the line is very short.

Meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse (10/10): I love Mickey, and I try to take pictures with him every time I go to Disney. Mickey and Minnie stays in the same area, but different rooms. The line is always around 30 to 45 minutes, but it’s worth it if you love them as much as I do.

Toy Story Mania: Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to check this one out because the line was too long, but it is next on my list! Let me know if it’s worth going to.

Slinky Dog Dash at Toy Story Land: A new attraction! It was opened about a month ago and I didn’t get to see it in person yet. My friend, who lives in Orlando, Florida, said that the line was extremely long (something like 3 hours waiting).

There are many, many more options of rides and attractions in Hollywood Studios, but for me, these were the attractions most worth my time, since I only had the morning to explore. Everything else is more for kids. If you think these posts are helpful, please share and pass along! Let me know in the comments below which Disney park is your favorite as well as which attractions. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @eat_travel_andlove and check out in real time what I’ve been up to.