Hello everyone,

During my last visit to Sao Paulo, Brazil, I had one of the best dining experience of my life at D.O.M, rated the best restaurant in Brazil, 5th best in South America and 9th best restaurant in the WORLD with two Michelin stars. The chef, Alex Atala, is very well-known and respected in the gastronomy world, and also has a few other restaurants in Sao Paulo. His restaurant was featured on the Netflix show “Chefs Table”. You can imagine how high my expectations were, right? I’ll give you the details about it including an important part, the PRICE.

Alex Atala’s idea for D.OM was to use simple Brazilian ingredients, especially from the Amazon, and create refined Brazilian dishes. During lunch time, the restaurant offers an “a la carte” menu, but doesn’t include his “signature” dishes, although probably the cheapest option to try his amazing food. For dinner, the only option available is the tasting menu, which is pretty pricey, but you get to have the whole experience. There are three options available:

Optimus: 6 to 7 dishes + dessert (PRICE W/O WINE PAIRING: R$550/US$140 PER PERSON - PRICE W WINE PAIRING: R$865/$220 PER PERSON)

Maximus: 10 to 12 dishes including dessert (PRICE W/O WINE PAIRING: R$700/US$180 PER PERSON - PRICE W WINE PAIRING: R$1200/US$310 PER PERSON)

Vegetarian: around 7 dishes +dessert (Unfortunately I don’t have the price, but is definitely the most affordable of the 3 options)

Let’s talk about the food:

The first dish was one raw Amazonian ant and one “liquor candy” ant. Very flavorful, but not bad.

Other dishes included crispy tapioca with lagoustine and coconut, scallops with cashews and marrow, pirarucu (river fish) with “farofa” and broth, a “main course” that was many different variations of the manioca - which was INCREDIBLE, steak with Brazilian potato and vanilla toffee, duck with “tucupi” which is fermented manioc, and alligot (a French mashed potato made with a lot of cheese) with honey.


Finally the desserts: mate herb ice cream with pomegranate and tapioca/rapadura (sugar candy) mochi, and honey sorbet with honey sauce and pollen.

It was a lot of AMAZING food, the service was IMPECCABLE, seriously, I’ve never been to a place where the waiters were so attentive and easy going. The chef is also EXTREMELY nice, he invited us to go to the kitchen and we were able to take a picture with him. I know it’s very pricey, especially for Brazil, but to me it was worth every penny.

Our bill was around R$2,100 for 2 people – choosing the Optimus menu (approx. US$550) including cocktails and service.

WEBSITE FOR INFO & RESERVATION: domrestaurante.com.br

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*I apologize about the bad quality pictures - they didn’t allow me to use flash!