Hello everyone!

Another post on Puerto Rico, this time I’ll talk about a very fun and interesting attraction on the island: Casa Bacardi.

First things first, let’s talk a little bit about how it started:

In 1830, Don Bacardi started a wine business in Cuba, but within a few years, he began to experiment with the distillation of rum. Making a long story short, after the Guerra Chiquita in Cuba around 1879, the Spanish detained Don Bacardi and his son, and in 1880 the distillery itself was burned down in a fire.

In 1936, the new Bacardi distillery was rebuilt in Puerto Rico and in 1961 the Casa Bacardi was opened as a visitor center.

After telling you guys a little bit about the history behind the brand, let’s talk about the tours.

There are a few tour options available:

  • The historic guided tour where you ONLY visit the factory and distillery (includes: one complimentary Bacardi drink for adults and commemorative Bacardi cup). Approximately 45 minute tour and costs $15.00
  • The Rum tasting tour, which includes everything above + tastings of 5 premium rums. Approximately 90 minute tour and costs $50.00
  • Mixology Class where they teach you how to make three different drinks with your own bar set up and bottle your own Bacardi (including the tour + cup + complimentary drink). Approximately 90 minutes and costs $60.00

Even though I’m not a huge  fan of liquor, I chose the tasting tour because the experience is quite unique and there’s one type of rum that’s ONLY available at the factory, and cannot be found anywhere else. Basically the only place to purchase this type of rum is the factory gift shop.

The tour provides different times to choose from, and they ask you to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance. Once you arrive, they’ll give you a Bacardi bracelet, the gift cup and a coin to get a free drink at the bar (you can also buy drinks if you want). The bar is fun, with a lot of tables and some activities to do while wait to be called for the tour.

You start by touring the facility, the distillery and finally, you do the tasting. They’ll teach you a little bit about each rum and the difference between them.

After that, they walk you to a huge gift shop where you can find EVERYTHING available from Bacardi.

I highly recommend this tour for your trip to Puerto Rico. It’s fun and it’s something that is part of the island’s rich history.

The Casa Bacardi is open every day except Mondays (times below).

Tuesday to Friday from 9am (first tour) to 4:30pm (last tour)

Saturday and Sunday from 12pm (first tour) to 4:30pm (last tour)

To buy tickets go visit: www3.bacardi.com

For those under 17, the tour is FREE.

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