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I made a post about a place that is not well known to many people outside of Brazil: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR PORTO DE GALINHAS - Hopefully after reading that you decided to visit! If you do, I’ll tell you guys some great places to try the best regional food.

Restaurante do Joao

Located in Maracaipe beach, Restaurante do Joao serves up really amazing local food. It also has a pool for its customers. It’s a bit far from the central area of Porto de Galinhas, but if you decide to go on the buggy ride, make sure to stop by this restaurant.

Menu: joaorestaurante.com.br
Address: Av. Beira Mar, Vila de Todos os Santos, 1 - s/n - Casa - Maracaipe, Ipojuca 



Yucca is probably the staple of culinary in the Northeast of Brazil, and this restaurant specializes in exactly that. It’s so delicious - both creamy and cheesy. The portion is big, so share with your table or go super hungry. It’s also a very popular place in town.

Menu: barcaxeira.com.br
Address: R. Esperança, 458 - Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca


Bora Bora

This place is not in Porto de Galinhas but is located in nearby Praia dos Carneiros. We ate there when we did the day trip to Carneiros. It’s more like a beach club than a restaurant. They have regular tables and bungalows, offering dishes a la carte as well as various “combos”. We had one of their most famous dishes that includes shrimp in a 4 cheese sauce.

Address: Carneiros Beach - Sítio do Rosário s/n, Tamandaré



A place to go if you want to eat seafood. Their specialty is adding a cashew crust to the fish and mango puree, an amazingly delicious, unique combination.

Address: R. Bejupira, 90 - Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca 


Peixa na Telha

The restaurant name literally means “fish in the tile”, because their dishes are baked directly on a tile. It’s a nice spot in front of the beach with a beautiful view. 

Menu: peixenatelha.com.br
Address: R. das Piscinas Naturais, 103 - Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca


Here are the MUST try foods: 

  • Seafood: Once a fisherman’s village, Porto de Galinhas specializes in all types of seafood so make sure you try different varieties. 

  • Cartola: This is a dessert made of banana with a special kind of cheese, as well as sugar and cinnamon (sometimes guava, chocolate, etc. the sky is the limit)

  • “Queijo coalho”: is a firm but very lightweight cheese produced in Northeastern Brazil, with an almost "squeaky" texture when bitten into (similar to cheese curds). You can eat it baked or fried, either way it’s really delicious.

  • Tapioca: This is a well known ingredient, but the way we eat it in Brazil is completely different:  we fill it with many Brazilian staples such as dulce de leche and coconut, cheese with ham, etc. It’s normally served for breakfast.

  • Bolo de rolo: This is a “rolled” cake from Pernambuco that is filled with guava (or other ingredients). It has a drier texture and is normally eaten with coffee. Very popular in the state.

  • “Arrumadinho”: A mix of farofa, jerk meat, vinaigrette and white beans. It’s great!


There are so many delicious foods here that I really recommend trying everything lol! We also had a few good meals at our resort since some days we were just too exhausted to go out and eat.

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