Hello everyone!

I recently visited Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and had an amazing time. I know many people want to visit South America but don’t know much about it. I put together some information that I consider important to know before visiting. Remember to check my Instagram @eat_travel_andlove for pictures and more information about my trip.


Like most South American countries, Argentina uses “pesos”. 1 US$ = 44 pesos (approximately), which makes the trip fairly cheap. It takes time getting used to that everything there costs hundreds and thousands of pesos, but don’t worry you are not spending that much! Most places accept credit cards, but it’s wise to have some cash on you for street food, very local restaurants, and also easier to pay for public transportation. There are also many stores and restaurants that accept dollars and reais (Brazilian currency).



Buenos Aires has a variety of subway/bus routes, making it easy to travel within the city. Most tourist attractions have a subway station close by. To use public transportation in general, you have to purchase a card called “SUBTE” that costs 82.50 (ARG PESOS) which comes with 50.00 pesos in credit. The subway fare costs 16.50 (ARG PESOS). It’s not possible to buy single ride tickets and you can’t pay the bus with cash, you need the SUBTE card that you purchase from the train station.



Uber is currently experiencing backlash from the government in Buenos Aires. Although the app still works perfectly down there with many drivers around, you should use caution. We didn’t have any issues using the app, and the drivers will normally just ask you to sit in the passenger seat. I didn’t take a regular cab at all my entire trip and everything worked out fine.



In general, Buenos Aires is a safe city, at least in the well-known touristy areas. Some locals told me that some areas can be “dangerous” but we didn’t see anything unusual, even during the night. I used my phone out in public the entire time, even on the subway, with no problems at all. Obviously everyone should use caution in unfamiliar places, but overall Buenos Aires seemed a very safe place to visit to me.  



With all countries in South America except Brazil, Spanish is the primary language. In the tourist areas and popular restaurants, they will speak English. In small and very local places you may have trouble communicating with the locals. Try to at least learn the basics and important words in the local language, such as “please”, “thank you”, etc.



American citizens and citizens of the “MERCOSUL” are not required a visa, but if you’re from another country you can click on the below website to check the requirements to enter Argentina: cnyor.mrecic.gov.ar


We are still going to have more posts about Buenos Aires, so check back before planning your trip. If you have any questions, leave me a comment below or send me an email at contact@eattravelandlove.com .  If you’ve ever been to Buenos Aires, tell me any tips I may have forgotten to help our fellow travelers!