Hi everyone, my name is Camilli and welcome to my blog! Here is a little background on myself and blog.

I lived in Brazil for most of my life, and decided to move to the US in 2015, in the middle of my college career. I came here with the intention of learning English and moving back to Brazil. I initially moved to Orlando, Florida, but I wasn't happy and I wanted to live somewhere more exciting. I decided to move to the city of my dreams, NEW YORK. I didn't know anyone here when I first moved, I didn't have a job or any concrete plans, but I wanted to follow my dream. Fast forward 3 years later and today, I am happy to call New York my permanent home.

I love learning about new cultures and languages.

While Portuguese is my native language, I speak Spanish and English fluently, and more recently have been learning Italian, Arabic and French.

Eat, Travel and Love started initially on Instagram in 2017, where I solely posted about food, but then my passion for traveling took me to a ton of new places, and so I began posting about all the cool places I’ve been to. My husband is a great partner in this journey, who travels with me everywhere and is an important part of the experiences I share with you.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog and feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.


Camilli Nicastro 🙂